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Adventure & Rural lifestyle Tour

Dhaleshwari Camping & Kayaking

Dhaleshwari Camp Site

Have you stumbled upon this brick – concrete skeleton city?

Loud horns of the cars, loud music and canvas’s croaking voice all around is making your life irritated? Whenever you open the window and breathe, does the dust and polluted air make you suffocated? Getting rid of this exhausted city life –

Sitting on a river bank under the open blue sky, taking the fresh breathe have now become a dream. You just want to roam around like a free bird in the grassiest nature, satisfy your body in cool clear water like a teenager. After a long day busy day with exhausted body, eating firm fresh vegetables, plane rice, different type of mash, chicken curry etc. Which are cooked in the rural mud stove.  After satisfying your peaceful mind, need a sound sleep in the shadow of the tree on a hammock (rocking cradle). In the afternoon waking up from the sleep, having a cup of hot tea &   you want to say that  “ life is beautiful, Love you Bangladesh.”

 But time, opportunity, money are not becoming all together. But you can find all these are already arranged near Dhaka city, with an hour’s distance (15 km) from Mohammadpur bus stand, on the bank of river Dhaleshwari.

Day long Camping & Kayaking Tour Detail:

07:00 am          : We will report at Bismillah Restaurant (Mohammadpur Bus stand)

08:00 am          : We will take Breakfast

08:30 am          : We will start for Dhaleshwari Camping & Kayaking.

09:30 am          : We will reach Dhaleshwari camp side.

09:50 am          :  We will complete registration & take life jacket.

10:00 am          : We will start our activity

11:30 am          : We will take Tea & some snacks

13:30 pm          : We will take lunch.

15:30 pm          : We will take Tea & some snacks

17:30 pm          : We will start for comeback Dhaka.

18:00 pm          : We will reach Mohammadpur Bus Stand, Dhaka InshoAllah & say Good bye


Our included Activities:

  1. Kayaking
  2. Swimming
  3. Swim learning
  4. Camping
  5. Kite flying
  6. Fishing
  7. Hammock lying.
  8. Enjoy rural lifestyle of our mother land.
  9. Enjoy river side beauty etc.
  10. If you wants we can visit Dairy Farm & vegetable fields.

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Visa Requirements

Not Needed for EU Citizens.



Languages spoken


Currency Used


Area (km2)

750.63 km2

Dhaleshwari Camp Site

It's a place of taking berth. Its a place for traveler, tourist, kayaking, hiking, swimming, nature lover. Our all arrangement are nature friendly. We wants to keep clean nature. Our main slogan is ``Keep clean Nature, Save River, Love Bangladesh``

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